Wheelie Store SUMMER SALE - NOW ONLY $249.00


Flat packed and DIY assembly.
The carton weighs about 25kg and will be delivered to your home or chosen place to send it. Once you receive it and start to assemble the Wheelie Store it should take between 40 – 45 minutes to complete the assembly.

Tools you will need will be a Philips screwdriver or electric drill with a Philips head. All the holes are pre drilled and counter sunk so it is just a case of completing the joining screws to each of the sides, front, back and top as well as fixing the four hinges, two catches and two gas struts.

Please note: We recommend you should assemble the unit on flat hard ground or on even under pavers. Or ideally attached to a fence or a wall.

Click here to download Assembly Instructions

For more information please call 0800 005 722
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